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2128, 11 Jun 15

Texas Limits Disproportionate Influence of Austin


Finally, though, the Texas Legislature has put its boot down. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott this month is signing laws that will draw power away from solidly Democratic Travis County and weaken its local jurisdiction over state business done inside its borders. Political corruption cases will now be steered to the hometowns of the accused and Travis County judges, who are all elected Democrats, can now no longer singlehandedly upend major legislation.



2128, 11 June 2015


  1. Duke

    It appears that Travis County is to TX what Dane County is to WI. By the way, have you ever seen an instance where a Republican has run for higher office and some democRat hack attempted to have the Republican indicted?

    It looks like Travis County has their own version of John Doe Chisholm!

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are right on the money, if liberals do not like what you have to say they haul you in front of tribunals, and commissions on college campuses…in real life, liberals use John Chislom to destroy the first amendment.

    “Indictment” for free speech liberals hate is just the first step.

    We need to take similar steps Texas has. Liberalism is the greaest threat to the first amendment this country has ever faced.

    We need to save our country, literally.

  3. Mark Maley

    As for me, if I wanted to live in Texas , I would
    Live in Texas .

    I appreciate that intellectual heft can be scary , but if you can put your fears away,
    Having a UT or UW is something to be proud of .

    My only Texas exception would be living in Austin.

    Big time athletics, Big time academics
    Arts , Music .

    Most reasonable folks would


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