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2013, 01 Jun 15

Mitsuoka Roadster

That’s pretty sweet.

Newly available in the UK, this is a production car you can buy for your very own, complete with Mini Cooper-pinched headlights, a choice of soft-top of folding hard-top roof, and a price tag of… ah, yes: £53,800 (about $82,000).

Now, for a 158bhp roadster that uses the engine, running gear and platform of a not-very-fast, decade-old sports car, that might sound like quite a lot of wedge. And frankly, it is. The price is magnificently, eye-wateringly bonkers. So, how does Mitsuoka justify asking serious Porsche Cayman money on its latest questionable-looking branchild?

First off, you get all the kit from the plushest of outgoing MX-5s. The bigger 2.0-litre engine, heated leather seats, climate control is thrown in, and you have a choice of six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes.

It’s also the world’s fastest roadster – if you take ‘world’s fastest’ to mean simply how fast the roof can open (12 seconds) and not how quickly the Mitsuoka will accelerate (conspicuously not quoted in the company’s official press bumf).




2013, 01 June 2015


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