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1536, 26 May 15

Madison Schools Crack Down on Free Expression

Because, you know… it’s Madison and they aren’t down for that kind of freedom.

The amended rule states that students may not “wear clothing with words, pictures, or caricatures based on negative stereotypes of a specific gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Students may not wear shirts, hats, or other attire depicting Native American team names, logos, or mascots.”

Most school district policies ban only the display of Native American logos or mascots by sports teams and don’t address student attire, said Tim Fish, coordinator of the Title VII Indian Education Program. The amended policy goes into effect next school year, he said.

But, of course, there is an exception for Madison’s own Black Hawk Middle School.

Burke did want assurances that adopting the policy would not mean the school district had to change the name of Black Hawk Middle School.

So a kid can wear a Black Hawk shirt about the school but not a Blackhawks shirt referring to the Chicago Blackhawks because that’s different… or something.


1536, 26 May 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    These are the times when I wish I would attend the lunatic left political correctness meeting. Might have been a good time to administer some on the job drug tests.

    Since no one never knows what will offend, we might as well just go ahead and speak our mind since it will, invariably, get some lefty in twist.

    Looks like Kewaskum Indians are persona non-grata in Madison…just more liberal hate on display…The rest of the state should ban Madison sports teams from their campus if their school administers are going to be this intolerant. (hint to state legislature)

  2. Captain Ned

    Hell, I live within spitting distance of the Peoples’ Republic of Burlington Vermont and no one has tried that stunt here.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m re-reading the illegal 1st Amendment speech review criteria on this. I got 2 t-shirts that might get me kicked out under this vague, liberal, anti free speech criteria:

    “Jesus, don’t leave earth without him ”

    “Eternity: Smoking or non-smoking”

    But I bet the:

    “Passionate global warming disciple” t-shirt will get front row seating!

  4. Jadedly Unbiased

    When kids attend voucher schools, mostly Christian schools, are they able to wear these types of free expression or uniforms?

  5. Dan

    Umm, Jade, you do realize that those attending charter schools do it voluntarily and they have to abide by the rules the school sets forth.
    But the kids who go to the Madison school district don’t have a choice about attending or what they wear.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    Those that attend a Christian school are expected to set a Christian example.

    So a shirt that says: “I support unborn baby killing. Hillary ’16”, would not pass that test at Christian schools with standards about right and wrong.

    Conversely, my shirts would not pass muster at Madison schools heavily invested in the liberal religions.

    This is why we need school choice. We all have different values. We don’t all hold the twisted values of secular liberal disciples like those in Madison.

  7. Jadedly Unbiased

    For years, republicans talked about dress codes (uniforms) in public schools. I’m just wondering why all of a sudden this is a bad idea?

  8. Jadedly Unbiased

    Also, if public tax dollars are paying shouldn’t the “private” schools have to follow some district policy? What standards will be expected by those kids attending Muslim voucher schools on my tax dollars?

  9. Pat

    If tax dollars are going to private schools, I want the same accountability for those schools. There should be a publicly elected school board to oversee the school.

  10. T of B

    When did Republicans propose dress codes for public schools?

  11. Jadedly Unbiased

    This has been, historically, an national issue championed by republicans. It was a topic covered at the last GOP convention. My wife has sat on two advisory panels in our district. The proposed uniform code was brought to the table both times by republican school board members. Both times the community overwhelmingly rejected the proposals. The Madison proposal is only an expansion of policies already in existence throughout the state. Here’s the asked for example, one of many… In March 2011 the Republican led Iowa House voted 91-9 approving a bill that would allow school districts to approve restrictive dress codes and giving districts first time power to require uniform standards. If you Google republican led public school dress codes proposals I’m sure you’ll find tens if not hundred of examples. Why is the Madison proposal so controversial when it merely reflects many other similar proposals put forth by republicans.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    Republican issue? Hardly. Democrats have been at forefront of this:

    Only RINO Republicans (confused Democrats in Republican Party) Push for Marxist, one size fits all, school dress.

    Iowa Republicans also slop up for ethanol subsidy. It’s questionable whether Iowa has real Republicans.

  13. T of B

    In 1997 the Illinois Speaker of the House proposed a statewide uniform policy – a southside Chicago Democrat

    That’s two examples now of Democrats proposing uniform policies.

    My school district (West Bend) has not surveyed parents on the issue in the last 9 years that I have been parent of a student, but I would guess that it would be 50/50 if not more on the uniform side.

  14. Jadedly Unbiased

    When asked for an example I give a legitimate one. I’m rebutted with “Its questionable whether Iowa has real republicans”. This is one topic that is absolutely provable and will show this is and has been a republican dominated issue/agenda for many years. I will agree it has on occasion been offered up by Dems but the majority of proposals have come by way of republican pen. Now, instead of looking up the few Dem. proposals take a minute to look for Republican ones and you will clearly see the slant. Denial won’t win this argument.

  15. Jadedly Unbiased

    Don’t forget to include President Clinton’s mention of dress codes in one of his State of the Union addresses. Now, focus on Republican proposals.

  16. Kevin scheunemann


    The point was: it’s impossible to say School uniforms is only advocated by RINO Republicans.

    Democrats are a much bigger proponent of school uniforms.

    Naturally, this has nothing to do with Democrats openly attacking free speech on this issue.

  17. Jason

    Jaded said:
    Here’s the asked for example, one of many… In March 2011 the Republican led Iowa House voted 91-9 approving a bill that would allow school districts to approve restrictive dress codes and giving districts first time power to require uniform standards.

    You mean the 2011 House that was a 60/40 split between R’s to D’s? And that passed 91-9? And also assuming you mean HF77/212? You should read the bill, rather than just google for stories that you think support your crazy idea.

    In this case HF77/212 – a Republican sponsored bill – was to ALLOW local school districts the RIGHT to create dress codes under their own DISCRETION, and not dictated or controlled by the state… something most if not all true Republican’s would support. In this case, the bill was in response to a school district having issues with gangs and that district’s attempt to enforce a dress code to restrict gang activity having been squashed at the state level.

    Yawn… your implication that public school dress codes is a Republican hot topic is incredulous. But hey, while you’re googling for more support for that branch your out on, why not learn how to use the word “Your/You’re”. You’re constant misuse shows your not to be taken seriously.

  18. Jadedly Unbiased

    I love the band wagon buddies. Your vast knowledge of the Iowa bill was clearly pulled from the back of your brain. The bill as you point out was republican sponsored and was in response to gang “clothing”, for example hats and shirts with logos or colors that identified different gang alliances. Sound familiar to the Madison, I think so. Trying to embarrass me by my unintentional typos is a cheap shot. Often when typing I don’t double check auto correct and as you know a lot of times auto correct does not understand context kind of like a lot of the morons on this site. But you try and do what you think necessary to make your point more credible and I will continue to seek truth. Now if you don’t mind…

  19. Jadedly Unbiased

    Just wondering… Why do these proposals not warrant a similar response when put forth by republicans? We can name every individual bill ever proposed and come up with a tally. Maybe Republicans have proposed more, maybe I would be proven wrong and Dems have proposed more but why are republicans so offended by something that is an expansion on current policy and is, as Jason seems to think matters, an ALLOWED RIGHT under the school districts DISCRETION. I haven’t stated my position, as I usually don’t, merely playing devils advocate again and trying to establish the thought process that’s goes into these silly decisions (whether Dems or Reps). If you review the majority of my posts you will see rarely actually state a position it’s usually wrongly assumed. This is no acception.

  20. Jadedly Unbiased

    Sorry, more typing mistakes. I’m sure they can be used to someone’s advantage!

  21. Jadedly Unbiased

    My statement about the Iowa bill clearly says “would ALLOW school districts to approve restrictive dress codes and giving districts FIRST TIME power to require uniform standards”. I’m not sure what the F%#€ your are trying to imply but my representation of the bill was accurate. Oh and by the way, I don’t use Google I thought that would be easiest search engine for the numb skulls.

  22. T of B

    Wow Jadely Unbiased Against Democrats, you aren’t very smart, are you?

  23. Jadedly Unbiased

    What does T of B stand for Types of Bitch. I’m smart enough to recognize a fool. The vultures are starting to circle, the wolves are closing in, the band wagon is full but not one of you assholes has proved a fucking thing. Jason actually made himself look stupid and insulted his fellow republican Google searchers who posted the links to the sources they found. You asked for an example and got one. If you spent as much time making sure you weren’t wrong as you do trying to prove you’re right you would realize that you have proven my point for me. Dan was clearly posting drunk again and had no fucking idea what the hell he was talking about, not the first time for either one. Kevin has actually figured out my point and I believe that both parties are guilty of this nonsense. For anyone who has questioned my political allegiance, religion or intelligence let me set the record straight… I take issue with a few Republican positions but not nearly as many as I do with Dems. I have voted mainly with the Republican Party but of late have decided that the Tea party isn’t what I had in mind. Would I vote for a democrat? Maybe, depends what idiot (Mitt Romney) the republicans put up this time. If it’s Hillary I may have to vote for libertarian. I am a Christian but have little tolerance for indoctrinating assholes that force their beliefs on others. I support the freedom of religion and believe that applies to all religions not just Christianity. I am college educated. I am very active in my community. I am raising a large family and own my own business. This may eliminate some of the finger pointing and assumptions being made. However, I will continue to voice my opinions regardless of who I offend or who wants to label me because I challenge their echoed, stereotypical, cookie cutter, playbook rhetorical BS. I will continue to draw attention to the conservative message that’s being distorted by Tea Party windbags that are causing trouble within the party but rarely offer any solutions. Now really does anyone actually give a shit about expanding an already school dress code policy especially if it reduces distractions? The point I proved above all else is some conservatives jump on the band wagon even when they know nothing of the history of the issue. Follow the leader (blindly) seems more important then actually doing a little research and understanding the cause and effect. It’s embarrassing to share politics and religion with others that have trouble forming an opinion of their own. Mitt Romney, really… who the hell thought that was a good idea. I won’t follow blindly and if that means throwing my support elsewhere I will.

  24. Kevin scheunemann


    Yes RINO Republicans may support school uniforms from time to time, but only Democrats attack speech content, and sift it for “verboten” and “no verboten” stamp.

    Republicans do not do what is in article above. Even in Iowa.

  25. Jason

    Sorry Jaded, but you’re typing like you’re unhinged at this point. I pointed out that your “example” didn’t support your hypothesis. You missed it, because you don’t understand that the bill wasn’t about Republicans trying to create school dress codes, but rather about empowering the smallest unit of government to do what they felt was needed, rather than the largest unit. The fact that you continue to spew nonsense regarding this makes me think that you’re trolling.

    Back to the original point, the hypocrisy (or idiocy) of the Madison school district in still having a school named Black Hawk Middle School.

  26. Jadedly Unbiased

    I agree it is a stupid hypocrisy. But that’s not what you said when criticizing my statement. My point is exactly what you just stated but was Republican introduced. Just pointing out… were was the rage over free speech at that time. I am not trolling I was trying to point out that similar rules have been introduced by Republicans many many times before without this reaction. Be consistent. I don’t believe I missed it. With all do respect, I think you missed it. When I’m attacked for raising a question, accused of being a liberal because I challenge what has become ‘normal” conservative views, told I’m not a Christian and purposely embarrassed for a few spelling errors of course I’m going to get a little unhinged. You were trying to get my goat and it worked. Just be glad this conversation wasn’t in person. Now, do a little research using whatever search engine you used to look up the Iowa bill and explain why nobody is enraged by the multiple republican introduced proposals and bills.

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