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0638, 19 May 15

State Department to Release Clinton Emails in January

Once again, the Obama administration shows off how “transparent” it is.

(CNN)The State Department says it needs until next year before it will be ready to publicly release tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton emails from her time in charge.

The uproar over Clinton’s exclusive use of private, rather than official, email during her tenure as Secretary of State erupted earlier this year and is still rumbling on.

In an effort to defuse the crisis ahead of the announcement of her 2016 presidential run, Clinton said in March that she wanted “the public to see my email” and had asked the State Department to release them.

The department is also under pressure from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuits seeking the release of documents related to Clinton that haven’t been made public.

This looks like an intentional political hit against Clinton from Obama to time the release in the heat of the presidential campaign,


0638, 19 May 2015


  1. Jadedly Unbiased

    If it’s an intentional “hit” then I’m gaining some respect for Obama. However, I doubt that’s the case. Even if these emails would have been routed the appropriate way it would still take months and months to pour over every one to make sure there was nothing privileged (top secret ). They should release them as there cleared. The press and public would love the slow daily drool of ten or twenty per day being released. By the election people would be so sick of it Clinton might actually still be standing but I hope not. Maybe this is a brilliant political move to draw focus away from other legitimate democratic candidates.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    If its not an intentional “hit”, then its a cover up so they can properly sort, and sanitize, the email release.

    If Scott Walker took this long to release emails, Democrat John Chislom would have officers with guns breaking down his door!

    I suggest Hillary and Obama get the typical Democrat treatment on demanded email release. Let’s send in the Justice department with guns!

    I now like the Wisconsin Democrat email release standard, let’s apply it equally!!!!

  3. Jadedly Unbiased

    If you think Scott Walker willingly turned over emails you must be living in the twilight zone. Walker has spent nearly two million dollars in legal fees and cost the tax payers millions trying to suppress information. The truth will come out about both of these crooked politicians. It’s funny how it works but those who believe themselves untouchable fall the hardest.

  4. Jadedly Unbiased

    As I wrote my last post under this thread Scott Walker had yet another lawsuit filed for failing to release documents under WI open records law. Didn’t Walker have a secret server while Milwaukee Co. Exec.? I think applying open record laws equally is a good idea. Scotty and Hillary should put on their hip waders because the shits about to get deep.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Nice spin. Walker has spent millions of dollars defending from the Chislom Imperial Democrat storm troopers. An investigation that several judges have said should be stopped.

    With the head hunting leftists, there is no Walker secret email stash. If there was an alleged smoking gun, the crazy lefty groups would have found it by now.

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