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2234, 17 May 15

ISIS Takes Ramadi

These city names sure do bring back memories.

The Iraqi city of Ramadi has fallen to Islamic State (IS) after government forces abandoned their positions, officials say.

The police and military made a chaotic retreat after days of intense fighting.

But the US refused to confirm the capture, saying the situation was “fluid and contested” and it was too early to make “definitive statements”.

Ramadi is the capital of Iraq’s largest province, Anbar, and is just 70 miles (112km) west of Baghdad.


2234, 17 May 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Capitulating to evil seems to be this administrations policy.

  2. Northern Pike


    To support ISIS, we have to side with Iran, which, as you may recall, is part of the Axis of Evil.

    So it’s evil vs. evil slugging it out in northern Iraq. If we launch another invasion — and remember how the last one turned out — it’s not even clear which side to pick.

    The smart strategy: Let evil pound the guts out of each other. The only thing people in that part of the world hate more than Americans is each other.

  3. Jadedly Unbiased

    We should be more aggressive when dealing with ISIS. Not to defend Obama but I think he’s taken out a pretty significant number of terrorists. More would be better. However, I fail to see any U.S. President intentionally capitulating us toward evil as policy. I understand this is a great talking point and even a wedge issue but I don’t think the facts support such a rhetorical statement.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Capitulate—Yes, because of Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq.

    Obama’s weak foreign policy position also emboldens ISIS.

    Obama maybe worse than Jimmy Carter on foreign policy.

  5. Jadedly Unbiased

    The vast majority of the American people wanted our troops out of Iraq and that same majority doesn’t want to see our troops go back. As a matter of fact Obama kept troops in country longer then he originally promised per the advise of military and CIA. It wouldn’t matter who the president is or his/her policy. ISIS has their own agenda regardless of our policies or world pressure. I would be interested in hearing alternatives to dealing with ISIS. It’s easy to be critical without offering any possible solutions or ideas. Blaming our government for the acts of fanatics is ridiculous.

  6. Jadedly Unbiased

    How can premature pullout happen when we shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place?

  7. Northern Pike

    Kevin, you didn’t address my point about Iran.

    If you want to Iran to win a decisive war in its battle against Isis, then I suppose you’ve got a gripe with President Obama.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    I wouldn’t belly up to Iran for anything.

    I was trying to avoid getting into a “treasonous” argument about Obama, but since you insisted.

  9. Northern Pike

    What part about Isis vs. Iraq don’t you understand? Two of our enemies are pounding each other instead of pounding us. It’s a legitimate strategy to keep American powder dry unless it’s clear that one side or the other is gaining an advantage that’s not in our national interest.

    Until people in that part of the world figure out that slaughtering each other over arcane religious doctrine isn’t a logical way to live, there’s not much America’s military can accomplish over there.

  10. Terry

    I didn’t know we were enemies with Iraq after Saddam.

  11. Northern Pike

    It was supposed to by Isis vs. Iran.

    By the way, Iran (enemy) and Iraq (friend) are allied against Isis. Go figure.

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