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0705, 11 May 15

West Bend Woman Injured in Tornado

Yikes. Scary stuff!

West Bend woman injured in tornado that struck Delmont, South Dakota: A story exclusive to Washington County Insider as a West Bend woman, 69, who moved to Delmont, South Dakota is lucky to be alive after a tornado ripped through the small town of 200 this morning.

Bill Hinckley, a board member with Thrivent Financial in West Bend, said his sister Lori ‘Delores’ (Batterman) Bueber had just come home from church when the tornado struck around 11 a.m.

“She changed clothes and looked out the kitchen window and shingles were coming off the garage,” Hinckley said. “She headed for the basement, got knocked down off the steps and crawled under them. She’s OK, the good Lord was with her”


0705, 11 May 2015

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    The sky is blue. Wait for it… Wait for it…

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