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0712, 06 May 15

Committee Votes to Add 35 Public Defenders


UPDATE: The committee also voted today to go along with the guv’s recommendation to add 35 public defenders. The move would save $41,000 because the state would pay fewer private attorneys to provide representation in court.

I would point out that this is a circumstance where it makes more financial sense to add government employees rather than use private contractors.


0712, 06 May 2015

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  1. Jadedly Unbiased

    I know a retired Wisconsin State Senator, also a private attorney, that does this to supplement his income. He mentioned to me, in most cases, he puts in little more effort then showing up and making sure a defendants rights aren’t violated but actual defense is limited. Seems like some of these guys are taking advantage of the system. I agree this is an instance where increasing government employees is a good idea.

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