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1517, 05 May 15

No Layoffs in West Bend School District

I’m sure this is a relief for many.


Daily News

The West Bend School District will not be issuing any lay-off notices for the coming school year.

At its meeting Monday night, West Bend School Board members approved 405 continuing contracts for full-time certified staff and 22 part-time certified staff.

“Even if our budget is reduced, we are not laying anyone off as a result of any budget pieces,” Superintendent Ted Neitzke said. “Many school districts around us are issuing lay-off notices as we speak, and we are not doing that.”


1517, 05 May 2015


  1. Dan

    And if Act 10 was in place, there probably would be layoffs, from the newest and leave incompetent teachers in place.

  2. Dan

    Sorry, it should say: If Act 10 was not in place,…

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