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1228, 16 Apr 15

Killer Kills Self

Good. It won’t bring the dead back, but Milwaukee is safer because of this.

The man suspected of gunning down a motorist who had hit and killed a toddler in Milwaukee killed himself Thursday as authorities were closing in on him at a hotel in the Chicago area, sources tell the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Police had surrounded a hotel where Ricky Ricardo Chiles III, 27, was hiding late Thursday morning, sources said. Chiles then turned a gun on himself, according to the sources.

Chiles had been tracked to the hotel by U.S. Marshals and Milwaukee Police. Chicago Police were present at the hotel, the sources said.

A spokesman with the Milwaukee Police Department did not immediately return a call for comment.

Authorities says Chiles killed Archie Brown Jr., 40, after Chiles’ nephew, 2-year-old Damani Terry, darted into the street Sunday evening and was hit by Brown’s van.

Police say Brown was standing over the child’s body, grieving and upset, when Chiles shot him with a gun retrieved from a nearby home.

In the gunfire, 15-year-old Rasheed Chiles — Damani’s brother and Ricky Chiles’ nephew — was shot. He died later in the evening at a hospital during surgery.

Ricky Chiles had been released from prison in August 2013 after serving two years on a conviction for a 2011 Brown Deer bank robbery in which he was the getaway driver, court records show. He was on extended supervision and was prohibited from possessing firearms at the time of the double killing Sunday.


1228, 16 April 2015


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