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0635, 08 Apr 15

Supreme Court Elections

As often happens in Wisconsin elections, the races regarding the Supreme Court is a mixed bag, but overall positive.

Supreme Court

99% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Ann Walsh Bradley (inc) 468,322 58%
James Daley 338,655 42%

Elect Chief Justice

99% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Yes 430,507 53%
No 380,518 47%

Bradley’s win is not a surprise. Daley was a flawed candidate for a variety of reasons and the conservatives had a hard time getting behind him. He was the better choice than Bradley, but couldn’t get the support to overcome such a strong incumbent.

The constitutional change to make the chief justice elected by his or her peers instead of being a mark of tenure is a wonderful win. It’s not a huge thing, but it injects a bit more sense into that institution. While it will be gratifying to see Chief Justice Abrahamson ousted from her perch, the long term positive effect of the change is more important.

As a whole, the Bradley win is a wash. It was a vote for the status quo and nothing changes there. The constitutional change is a good thing, so as a whole, it’s a net positive.


0635, 08 April 2015


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