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2002, 07 Apr 15

Robinson Family Wants Officer Charged

Here we go.

Publicly declaring their lack of faith in the investigation of the shooting of Tony Robinson, members of the 19-year-old’s family demanded Monday that criminal charges be brought against the Madison police officer who killed him.

Standing of the steps of the Dane County Courthouse, family spokesman Jerome Flowers implored District Attorney Ismael Ozanne to “do the right thing,” and charge Officer Matt Kenny in the March 6 killing.

How do they know that charging Kenny is “the right thing?” Have they seen all of the evidence? Based on what we do know and what has been made public, it appears that NOT charging the officer is “the right thing.” Unless, of course, you don’t want justice… you want a lynching to soothe your grief.


2002, 07 April 2015


  1. Kevin scheunemann

    I’d like to know what the family members have done.

    Did they intervene any time he was in trouble with the law?

    Did they pick him up for church every week?

    Did they seek an intervention for any chronic drug/alcohol problems?

    Did they enable his previous criminal behavior?
    (By bailing him out, paying for lawyers, etc.)

    Those decisions certainly helped place this 19 year old in that situation that day as well.


    Why not charge the Police Officer and let a jury decide. Are the Police are afraid to be judged by the citizens they “protect and serve”

  3. Paul

    So police officers should not have Fifth Amendment rights? Probable cause be thrown out the window?

    Good to see where the haters of the Bill of Rights are.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    If the prosecutor does not believe the charge, who is going to prosecute?…the lawless mob of Madison?


    There are provisions for appointing a special prosecutor in special circumstances. As far as the “lawless mob of Madison” goes do you mean that as a whole, the city of Madison cannot enpanel “12 good men”?

  6. Paul

    Oh, so you support a separate judicial process for LEOs. Do we skip the preliminary hearing and arraignment and go right to trial?

    Again, the concept of probable cause seems to be lost upon you.

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