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2229, 06 Apr 15

Schumer Supports Senate Power

Regardless of the party in charge, it would be nice to see the Senate return to being the muscular check on executive power it was meant to be.

“This is a very serious issue that deserves careful consideration, and I expect to have a classified briefing in the near future. I strongly believe Congress should have the right to disapprove any agreement and I support the Corker bill which would allow that to occur,” Schumer said in an emailed statement to POLITICO.

Schumer had quietly signed on to a bill allowing congressional review of the Iran deal two weeks ago, but made little fanfare of his co-sponsorship. In a brief statement on Friday, he said only that he’d review the agreement. Now that the outlines of an agreement are known, Schumer’s emphatic statement that Congress has an important role becomes more significant, signaling to fellow Democrats that it’s safe to jump on board the review bill.


2229, 06 April 2015

1 Comment

  1. Dan

    Of course he wants the power once Obama leaves office and not before.

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