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2027, 06 Apr 15

School Releases Parents’ Rank


TEWKSBURY, Mass. ( — Parents are outraged after private student data was inadvertently released by the Tewksbury public school district.

Sensitive information part of a school committee packet wsa left online for the public to see for much of last week. It lists information about out-of-district placements, and even ranks parents as cooperative or uncooperative.

The superintendent is apologizing, but some parents tell FOX25 it’s too little too late.

Erin Knyff of Tewksbury says she feels named and shamed after her child’s personal data was made public.

“Liam is 11 years old, he’s Down Syndrome, he was diagnosed with autism when he was five,” she said.

FOX25 obtained documents courtesy of the Tewksbury Town Crier that detail out-of-district placements for 83 students, including Liam.

“He’s never been in the district because I never felt the district had proper programming for him,” Knyff said.

The document never names the children, but gives other identifying information, including their current school.

“I get texts from four other people, Liam is number 39, Liam is number 39, are you kidding me?” Knyff said.

It also rates parents on a scale of cooperativeness, listing Erin Knyff with a ranking of 3, for uncooperative


2027, 06 April 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin scheunemann

    I can just picture what “uncooperative” means in a liberal education establishment….
    If the family is married under God,a design , Christian, and involved, I can see that as 3 strikes on the liberal cooperation meter.

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