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1558, 03 Apr 15

“Anyone who is breathing, shoot them”


The gunmen, from the Al-Shabaab terror group, first stormed a Christian prayer service, killing some students, taking others hostage.

They rampaged across the campus, shooting non-Muslims, sparing Muslims, a witness said.

One student, Hellen Titus, told CNN she hid inside a wardrobe for nearly an hour before the gunmen came for her.

Come out, they told her, you won’t be shot.

“They were lying,” she said.

The gunmen herded her and maybe three dozen other students into a community room where they’d usually hang out and watch television.

They were told to lie down, lectured about how the Quran forbids killing women.

And then the men, Titus said, were shot in the head.

One of the gunmen egged on the others.

“Shoot them! Shoot them!” he would say, according to Titus.

More lecturing: the land, the gunmen said, didn’t belong to nonbelievers. We, the gunmen said, have just two missions: to kill, and be killed.

And then they started shooting the women.

“Anyone who is breathing, shoot them,” Titus said the gunman in charge said.


1558, 03 April 2015


  1. Kevin scheunemann

    Where is liberal outrage?

    …or is this a politically correct position of liberalism…to say nothing in face of Islamic evil?

  2. Pat

    And what should they say and do?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Demand a Democrat political leader who is willing to call out Islam as evil, rather than excusing it.

    …at the very least the rabid so called “tolerance” lectures for Christians that liberals serve up for Christians over the Indiana religious freedom law.

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