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2134, 25 Mar 15

Walker Has a Micromanagement Problem?


This jibes with what I’ve heard about Walker, for years now. And frankly, when you consider that — after getting off to a fast start — the rough couple of weeks Walker has endured, you wonder if maybe he might have hit this same ceiling so many micromanagers before him have hit.

This is not to say that micromanagers never win; they sometimes do. But while I certainly understand the temptation to essentially run one’s own campaign (I say “essentially” because there is always someone given the de facto title of campaign manager), there are lots of reasons why this is a very, very, bad idea. Where to begin?

One of the problems with being your own chief strategist is that you cannot act dispassionately. Political attacks are, by definition, personal to you (if only Sonny Corleone had checked in with a wartime consigliere!).

It’s also horrible time management. In a campaign, time is the most important commodity, because a). time can be used to replenish other commodities (for example, to raise money), and b). time is the only commodity that, once expired, cannot be replenished.


2134, 25 March 2015


  1. sbo

    i Thanks to your information

  2. Mark Maley

    2 words
    Jimmy Carter

  3. foo

    Head fakes aren’t very effective when they’re done in slow motion.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Now I’ve seen everything…using a past Democrat President you should be proud of as criticism of Walker…that is amusing.

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