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1944, 15 Mar 15

Brutal Attack In Indy

This kind of thuggery happens far too often, but it is still shocking when you see it on video.

A video of a young girl and her little brother being beat-down by a female assailant surfaced early Sunday morning on the website

The incident, police said, happened in Brookside Park on the city’s Eastside. The girls are both students at George Washington Community High School.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content and language: Girl and young boy attacked

In the video, a girl is seen attacking another girl who is standing in a park with a young boy, later identified as the victim’s little brother.

As soon as the girl throws the first punch, the victim falls to the ground and tries to guard herself as her attacker continues to beat and kick her in the face.

Several individuals are seen surrounding the girls and young boy, but no one attempts to step in and break up the suspect’s onslaught.


1944, 15 March 2015

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  1. Billiam

    Guess the white kids never heard of white privilege. There are thousands of vids like this out there, but only whitey is racist. These days, the cry of racism against whites is the new ‘Cry wolf!’. It is ignored. Well, except by race pimps.

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