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2159, 05 Mar 15

Week In Review 3/6/15

I’ll be on WPR’s the Week In Review with Joy Cardin tomorrow morning at 0800 CST. We’re going to talk about right to work, abortion, Hillary’s emails (or lack thereof), Netanyahu, Feingold, and all sorts of stuff.

Tune in!


2159, 05 March 2015


  1. Pete Kind

    It sounds like Owen has some breaking news about another Hillary scandal. He made the claim that the Chinese hackers have more access to Hillary’s state department e-mails than we do. It sounds like it may be true.

    I’ll be looking for more evidence of Owen’s astonishing Chinese hacking scandal on his boots and sabers blog site.

  2. Sandra Penzkover

    Owen bragged about Gov Scott Walker being a politician when responding to question about Walker saying he was NOT for right to work legislation then changed his mind and will not veto it. Walker is a politician in the worst sense–manipulative and deceptive. NOT something to brag about and uphold in my opinion. We need leaders who will work for the people not for corporate power. Owen simply plays on the lack of integrity and dishonesty of Gov Scott Walker

  3. Owen

    Welcome WIR listeners! First, the Chinese hacker comment was based on a very common assessment of the risk as seen here:

    As for RTW, I never said Walker was NOT for RTW. In fact, I specifically pointed out that Walker sponsored a RTW bill as an Assemblyman and has supported the concept for years. The “politician” discussion revolved around Walker seeking to downplay RTW a last month, but being willing to celebrate it when it was forced upon him. Walker has been a supporter of RTW since first holding public office and of course he will sign it.


  4. foo

    Where do you see the word “Chinese hacker” at the provided link?

    Or was that just intended to add a little color?

  5. Sandra Penzkover

    When asked during the last campaign election for governor, he indicated he would not sign RTW legislation. DECEPTION!!!! And he deceived 3 major unions — electrical, engineer, carpenters — who now see the real Scott Walker as a politician — not as a trusted leader. There has not been adequate public discussion about right to work in Wisconsin. The name of the bill itself is misleading. I would say “very clever–clever as a fox!” Just because conservatives have had this on their minds and have been planning its passage in a manipulative, deceitful manner does not mean that the public–hard-working workers–had knowledge or ability to challenge. This is not about making Wisconsin a great place to make a living, it is clear and simple it is a way of getting rid of worker representation in the workplace. It has nothing to do with Freedom as you constantly try to put out there– it has to do with Union Busting, NOT freedom in the workplace. AND I think you know that!!!

  6. Owen

    When asked during the last campaign election for governor, he indicated he would not sign RTW legislation.”

    No, he didn’t.

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