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2027, 05 Mar 15

Good Unions Don’t Need to Worry About RTW

Good point.

Rep. Romaine Quinn, R-Rice Lake, delivering his maiden speech, disputed Dem’s economic arguments about right-to-work, but said the issue is a matter of freedom.

“The fact remains a good union doesn’t need compulsory membership and a bad one does not deserve it,” Quinn said.


2027, 05 March 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Even I’m a member of a good union. I even serve on the National Board of our franchise association (union).

    We are a volunteer member organization. Would I like all 100% of possible members to sign up? Sure.

    Despite the fact that some choose not to support their Association (against their franchisee interests) we still have power to get things done with our corporate franchisor. We have one of the most effective (in terms of getting things done for franchisees) franchisee associations in the industry. Those who don’t join do enjoy some of the benefits of what we accomplish. It does peeve me they don’t join, but I never thought we should force them to join.

    If we aren’t doing the job and can’t get enough people to join to be effective, we deserve to go away as a union.

    I don’t get this idea that union membership needs to be compelled. If you do the job and are effective, people will want to join, voluntarily, to support the effort.

  2. Northern Pike

    That means unions representing police and firefighters aren’t good unions.

    What do Republicans protect bad unions?

  3. Northern Pike

    Should have been “Why do Republicans protect bad unions?”

  4. Owen

    You lefties keep flogging that dead horse… RTW doesn’t apply to public unions – just private ones. Furthermore, most conservatives, including myself, think that police and fire employees should have the same freedom.

  5. foo

    so that would make Scotty and the legislature not conservatives or just not part of “most” conservatives?

  6. Northern Pike

    This isn’t a dead horse. It betrays what Republicans really think about closed-shop labor unions. Those who protect private property are entitled to their benefits. The rest of us are not.

    I’d like a dollar for every time I’ve heard a Republican state legislator say, “No one should be forced to join a labor union” only to maintain a law — a law they have the power to change — that forces police and firefighters to join a labor union against their will. It goes to honesty and integrity.

    As long as police and firefighters are exempted, you have no moral standing to argue that right-to-work was passed in the interest of employees. Either start raising hell and spending political capital to change the exemption or admit that right-to-work is about driving down the cost of hourly labor, and nothing more.

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