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1017, 01 Mar 15

Divers Find Lost Thermonuclear Bomb

What a vacation story! Thankfully they found it before the Iranians did.

Savannah| A couple of tourists from Canada made a surprising discovery while scuba diving  in Wassaw Sound, a small bay  located on the shores of Georgia. Jason Sutter and Christina Murray were admiring the marine life of the area when they stumbled upon a Mark 15 thermonuclear bomb that had been lost by the United States Air Force more than 50 years ago.

UPDATE: This story is just that… a story. It’s false according to Snopes.


1017, 01 March 2015


  1. Captain Ned

    And a “vacation story” is all it is. Debunked on Snopes (link prohibited here, apparently). The picture is a German diver working to remove WWII unexploded munitions from German harbors.

    For the record, the World News Daily Report is the Onion’s idiot kid brother.

  2. Owen

    D’oh! Foiled by Yahoo News links again.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Can happen to anyone. I find it hard to tell the Onion and Milwaukee Jouranl Sentinel apart these days after their coverage of the John Doe and the Milwaukee Street Car.

    The Onion might be more accurate.

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