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1004, 28 Feb 15

Another American Killed in the Name of Islam

Such a shame that so many Muslims promote and condone such violence against people speaking their minds.

(CNN)In his writings, author Avijit Roy yearned for reason and humanism guided by science.

He had no place for religious dogma, including from Islam, the main religion of his native Bangladesh.

Extremists resented him for openly and regularly criticizing religion in his blog. They threatened to kill him if he came home from the United States to visit.

On Thursday, someone did.

As usual, Roy defied the threats and departed his home in suburban Atlanta for Dhaka, where he appeared at a speaking engagement about his latest books — one of them titled “The Virus of Faith.” He has written seven books in all.

As he walked back from the book fair, assailants plunged machetes and knives into Roy and his wife, killing him and leaving her bloodied and missing a finger.

Afterward, an Islamist group “Ansar Bangla-7” reportedly tweeted, “Target Down here in Bangladesh.”


1004, 28 February 2015

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  1. Kevin scheunemann

    Muslims that say this call to violence is not part of the Koran, don’t know their Koran or deny the Muslim edicts they claim to follow.

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