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0814, 27 Feb 15

UW Staff Opposes More Autonomy

Well, this is interesting.

A group of professors, staffers and students from University of Wisconsin campuses statewide urged UW System president Ray Cross to withdraw support for sweeping changes to the universities proposed by Gov. Scott Walker, calling for a two-year moratorium.

“We write to insist in the strongest possible terms that you come out immediately and publicly against the governor’s budget plan to transform the University of Wisconsin System to a public authority at this time,” they said in a letter posted to the blog of Richard Grusin, an English professor at UW-Milwaukee.

UW has been pining for more autonomy for years and now when it is offered, a sizable portion of the staff recoils. One might think that they have been using the lack of more autonomy as an excuse for their spendy ways…


0814, 27 February 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberal professors continuing to be against choice on everything except killing of unborn children.

    Same old statist, authoritarian, Stalinist, world view that I remember, hopelessly infecting all levels at UW.

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