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0728, 26 Feb 15

Tammy Baldwin Speaks

Yeah… right.

“I am in a very detailed and careful fashion, comprehensive fashion, seeking to understand everything that happened in my office in terms of the handling of a whistleblower case,” the Madison Democrat said. “And I will have lots more to say when we come to the end of that process.”

It was the first time she has answered questions about the issue since USA TODAYreported January 19 that her office got the report in August but didn’t do anything with it, despite repeated emails from a former Tomah employee in November and December asking her to investigate. Baldwin didn’t call for an investigation until last month, when news reports revealed a veteran died from an overdose as an inpatient in the Tomah facility in August.

Baldwin did not indicate when her internal review will be completed, saying only “as soon as we can.”

How long should a review like this take? The facts are pretty simple. Baldwin was contacted about the issues in Tomah and didn’t do anything. Either a staffer or Baldwin herself decided not to look into it. This “investigation” should take about 5 minutes and it’s already been almost a month and a half.

Furthermore, Balwin fired a staffer presumably because of this. In the process, that staffer got a great severance package, which is odd if she was fired for cause. Why was that action taken if an investigation had not already been completed?

This isn’t about investigation. It’s about delay and cover up.


0728, 26 February 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    She should resign.

  2. steveegg

    That ex-staffer actually refused the severance package and is going for the Lawsuit Jackpot.

  3. dad29

    Baldwin has specialized in doing absolutely nothing for years and years and years. In that way, she’s a perfect successor to Herbie. Come to think of it, she also shares Herbie’s….ahhh…..orientation.

    Extra points!!

  4. Calvin and Hobbs

    Media’s to busy with gotcha questions for Governor Walker to pay attention to some Vets dying at Tomah VA.

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