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2348, 11 Feb 15

Walker: The Early Years

The Washington Post has a lengthy story about Scott Walker’s early years. Eh… OK. It’s good to know. I just wonder where these in-depth stories about Obama’s early years were.


2348, 11 February 2015


  1. Steve Austin

    I enjoyed how the MU French prof said he got a D in his class. Per MU’s current policies with John McAdams, that should be a firing offense due to harassing a student by use of confidential student info. That of course is assuming that teacher still teaches there.

  2. Dave

    We can add his adept handling of the British press to the story!

  3. steveegg

    Two sets of standards, gang. One hyper-protective set for those actively advancing the Leftist agenda (which explains no scrutiny of Obama’s past and no future action against that MU French prof), and one “destroy at all costs” set for everybody else (see Walker and McAdams).

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Obama—the early years might reveal Obama’s time when he still held to marriage under God’s design, one man, one woman and sat through sermons where a pastor still called out good and evil. (although Jeremiah Wright got the part on just what is good and evil is wrong, Jeremiah still was willing to call good and evil out.)

    The Washington Post can’t possibly report on that. That would make Obama look uncool.

  5. Duke

    Gov. Walker should have replied to the question about evolution by saying, “Where did that question come from? I’m a Governor, not the Pope. How ’bout let’s move on to current events and the international trade issues I came here to pursue.” It would have made so much common sense the leftist media would have had to move on to more heavy-duty issues, like Walker’s grades in French class?!

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    I would have answered the evolution question.

    “I’m not a fervent disciple of the evolution faith. Those that have faith in evolution is completely their choice, however, I subscribe to a less cold and empty faith, creation.”

    That would have been a home run answer.

    Then you sit back and watch all the (dis)passionate evolution disciples go into absolute screaming convulsions that Walker does not adhere to the, hip and trendy, Evolution religion.

    Scott, you are welcome to steal my suggested answer verbatim, without credit.

  7. dad29

    Yah. It’s up to NRO to mention that Walker is an amnesty supporter, not the WaPo.

  8. Dave

    Kevin, I vote for you as Walker’s campaign manager!

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    Are your trying to tell me, I would be the “Mike Tate” of campaign managers?

    Taking on the most precious religion of the left, evolution, (apart from the liberal sacrament of abortion) hardly qualifies me on the “Mike Tate” level of campaign commentary/management.

    Besides, I would not want to put up with the savage personal attacks on my wife and children (like Walker had to) by leftist thugs like Mike Tate. The national Democratic Party “Tate’s” are really struggling to savage Walker the last 4 weeks and I do enjoy seeing the Democratic campaign thugs unable to come up with any dirt on Walker.

  10. Dave

    Oh I think you would exceed any level of faux pas Mike Tate or any other campaign manager has reached if you stick to that “evolution is religion” line. I’d suggest you throw in some reference to Bishop Usher and the creation of the world taking place in 4004 BC too. That should really raise your candidate’s chance of success.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    “Oh I think you would exceed any level of faux pas Mike Tate or any other campaign manager has reached if you stick to that “evolution is religion” line…”

    Oh Dave, no one can possibly achieve the heights of Mike Tate, “faux pas”.

    Are you trying to tell me that you don’t have to make tremendous leaps of faith when embracing evolution?

  12. Dave

    Sorry Kevin…been there done that. Not going to engage this time with that one.

  13. Kevin scheunemann


    Of course you don’t. It’s undisputable that evolution requires several leaps of faith and passionate followers to prop up the ever changing cosmology.

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