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1729, 02 Feb 15

Judge Strikes Down Some of Wisconsin’s Campaign Laws

Yet another judge punches through Wisconsin’s unconstitutional campaign finance laws and puts another nail in the coffin of the john Doe investigation.

Clevert issued his decision in response to a ruling last year by the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago that found constitutional holes in Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws.

Clevert’s ruling says Chisholm and the state Government Accountability Board can enforce certain campaign finance laws only when groups are telling people how they should vote. They cannot do so when groups engage in so-called “issue advocacy,” such as when they praise or condemn candidates without expressly saying people should vote for or against them.

Since it seems so obvious that these laws violate the constitution and several judges at both the state and federal level have said so, why is it so hard for Chisholm and Co. to get it through their thick skulls and stop wasting taxpayer money on it?


1729, 02 February 2015


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