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1835, 02 Feb 15

State Treasurer Cuts Staff – All of It

You have to love a politician who actually follows through with his campaign promises.

Matt Adamczyk, a Republican, eliminated his three-member staff, amounting to a savings of about $168,000, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. The deputy treasurer, Scott Feldt, resigned, while the other two were laid off.

Adamczyk also said he will give 25 percent of his nearly $69,000 salary to the treasury.

Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature introduced a bill last week to take any references to the Office of State Treasurer out of the state constitution. Adamczyk supports the bill, saying the office’s only duty is to promote Wisconsin’s unclaimed property program.

Adamczyk campaigned on getting rid of the treasurer position. He said he visits his Madison office about twice a week.

“I’m not somebody who says we don’t need government,” said Adamczyk, who was a legislative aide for 10 years. “”But why would you have positions for people who don’t have any real work?”


1835, 02 February 2015


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