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2128, 01 Feb 15

Obama Comments on Patriots

At last Obama comments on something he know about… sports.

President Barack Obama refused Sunday to forecast whether the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots would win Super Bowl XLIX, but he predicted the big game “is going to be close.” In an interview with NBC, Obama also dismissed “deflate-gate,” saying underinflated footballs had nothing to do with the outcome of the AFC title game.

“The Patriots were going to beat the Colts regardless of what the footballs looked like,” said Obama, who expressed surprise that each team provides its own footballs.

“I’m assuming one of the things the NFL is going to be doing, just to avoid any of these controversies, is figure out how the officials are in charge of the footballs from start to finish,” the president said.


2128, 01 February 2015

1 Comment

  1. Dan

    First, I just noticed you are back, so welcome back.
    Obama’s comments are quite telling.
    If “Deflategate” turns out to be true, then the Patriots decided to break the rules to win, even if they didn’t have to.
    Same with Obama. He breaks the rules/laws when he doesn’t/shouldn’t have to. Who cares if the Patriots won by a large margin, if they cheated before the game started, the Patriots certainly didn’t know they were going to win, much less by a large number.
    and for his prediction that the game would be close, well, duhh, most Super Bowls are- doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.
    You give Obama too much credit.

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