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0716, 20 Jan 15

Senator Baldwin Sat on VA Report

And now she jumps in and pretends to be a champion for veterans?

A whistleblower who learned in November that Baldwin had had a copy for months and hadn’t acted, repeatedly emailed her office asking that she do something to help the veterans at the center, according to copies of the emails obtained by USA TODAY.

In them the whistleblower — former Tomah VA employee Ryan Honl — asked that Baldwin call for an investigation, that she push colleagues on the Veterans Affairs committee to take action, and that she help bring the issues in the report to public attention. The report had not been made public, but Baldwin’s office received a copy in August.

When she still had not taken public action in December, Honl sent a message to her staffer with the subject line: “Final plea for Help from Senator Baldwin.”

“All we ask is that our senator publicly support our desire to have an open forum rather than remain silent publicly, which is what the VA does in hiding reports from the public,” Honl wrote.

Honl, a Gulf War vet and West Point graduate who left the Tomah facility in October, said in an interview Monday he believes Baldwin’s inaction after receiving the report is a “travesty.”

Baldwin’s office declined to explain what she did between receiving the report in August and last week, when she called for an investigation after the Center for Investigative Reporting published details of the inspection report outlining opiate prescription amounts at the center and recounting the overdose death in August of a 35-year-old Marine Corps veteran while he was an inpatient.


0716, 20 January 2015


  1. dad29

    Obvious reason: “Obama has cured all the ills in the VA world, so there are no ills in the VA world.”

    Secondary reason: Baldwin excels at doing nothing at all. That’s good for Conservatives, of course. But this woman has far more Teflon than any other pol in recent history.

    Does nothing (except “lifestyle”), gets elected. What a country!!

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nothing to see here.

    Typical government run health care.

    That is why she is sweeping it under the rug.

    At least in private sector, if patient is abused like this, one can sue the private provider.

    When its government messing up, what is solution? (other then to tell Baldwin how great the crappy socialist government run medicine is.)

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