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1915, 12 Jan 15

Madison Chief Lashes Out at Protesters

Well said.

“In fact, I’m fed up with my Department being blamed for everything from male pattern baldness to global warming. It is time for Young, Gifted and Black to look a lot deeper at the issues besetting our people of color and stop pandering to the ‘blame game’ of throwing my Department to the wolves,” he wrote. “I’m done with allowing this kind of rhetoric to go unchallenged.”

He called the group’s demand for police to stay out of black neighborhoods untenable and questioned whether the group really wants the police to ignore calls for help. Rather than leaving black people alone, he promised officers would interact with them more in an an effort to build relationships.

“You would have us ignore and dismiss the rights of the neighbors who are complainants, witnesses and victims?” he wrote. “Are you really advocating that the police abdicate our responsibilities to these folks?”


1915, 12 January 2015

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    He sounnds like David Clarke.

    Watch out. He might lose his job for saying he is going to do his job, keeping people protected from criminal thugs.

    Liberals wanted Clarke gone for doing same thing.

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