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1946, 10 Jan 15

Wisconsin Reaches Deal to Increase Elk Herd


Gov. Scott Walker and the state Department of Natural Resources said Friday that they’ve reached a deal with Kentucky wildlife officials to allow the DNR to capture 150 elk in Kentucky within three of the next five years. The animals will be sent to Wisconsin once they’re certified as healthy.

Wisconsin has only one elk herd, which includes about 160 animals that roam the woods around Clam Lake in Ashland County. The animals from Kentucky will be used to bolster that herd and start another herd in Jackson County.

Wisconsin DNR big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang said the goal is to capture 50 elk by early this February and introduce them in Jackson County by June. Elk captured in 2016 will go to Clam Lake and animals taken during the final year will be split between the two herds.


1946, 10 January 2015


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