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1929, 05 Jan 15

Obama’s Not Meeting With GOP Leaders

He’s not even trying to pretend to work with the new Congress reports Keith Koffler.

Nope, no meetings scheduled to try to usher in this latest new Era of Cooperation and Goodwill. Not even a phone call to a Republican from Hawaii. Only call I know of he made to a member of Congress from either party was to Harry Reid after Reid fell off an exercise machine and broke his face.

Instead, Obama will be doing his usual dog and pony show this week, flying out to Michigan to talk to autoworkers about the autowonders he has performed for them and then to Phoenix and Tennessee to speak to typical Obama-style audiences of gullible school kids.

This will be worth remembering in a few weeks when Obama starts taking unconstitutional executive actions while claiming that the Republicans aren’t cooperating. It’s easy to pretend that the other side is unreasonable when you won’t even come to the table.


1929, 05 January 2015


  1. Mark Mqley

    He has 42 senate votes and a veto pen.
    They did nothing to work with him from the moment he was elected .
    6 years later , the President should work with these folks ?
    They can pound sand .

  2. Boyd McBoyd

    Have another drink, rummy.

  3. Mark Maley

    No thanks but please come to West Bend amd I’ll buy you coffee !

  4. Boyd McBoyd

    Apparently West Bend has coffee shop that has shots of hooch.

    Good thing the wise voters didn’t elect an illiterate drunk to the school board.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why would a dictator have to meet with GOP?

  6. Hello

    I can’t think of a single time when the President made any attempt to actually work with congress at any time in his presidency….can someone remind me? Has he ever heard out his opposition? I’ve heard him lecture Republicans when the Democrates owned the house and Senate….”elections have consequences,” and, in case there was any doubt, “I won.”

  7. Calvin and Hobbs

    Oh the contrast, Congressman Rod Davis delivering the weekly address for the Republicans said “If we work together, we have a great opportunity to grow our economy and put our nation on solid footing for a bright future”. And Obama said, speaking from Hawaii on vacation, I have a veto pen ready. Who is the party of no?

  8. Mark Maley

    Or should I say ,Badger .
    This illiterate drunken school board loser has had a wonderful life. I’d love to share the details with you .

    Come out from your mom”s basement and have coffee with me and bring your lunch candy ass !

  9. Boyd McBoyd

    Have another drink, boozer.

    Meanwhile, I’ve reported your threat of violence to Cardinal Stritch.

  10. Major Booris

    Badger, Mark? You think? My money’s on Smeety.

  11. Boyd McBoyd

    I doubt the two of you combined could pass a breathalyzer.

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