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2011, 04 Jan 15

Missing Ring

Somehow, I suspect that there is a broken marriage behind this.

(Reuters) – Police in a town near Milwaukee got a surprise when they took down the department’s Christmas tree and found a diamond wedding ring placed on a branch as an ornament

The police chief for Germantown, Wisconsin, Peter Hoell, said on a posting on the department’s Facebook page on Saturday that the ring appeared to have been put on the tree deliberately. Police had the ring examined and the diamonds are real, he said.

“If anyone can shed a little light on this mystery, I would appreciate it,” he said, adding that the ring is being kept in a safe place.


2011, 04 January 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Was Hillary Clinton visiting WI last month?

    Wouldn’t fault her one bit for doing that.

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