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1314, 04 Jan 15

France’s 75% Tax to Die

Even the socialists in France are getting it… kind of.

Paris (AFP) – Once a flagship policy of French President Francois Hollande, the 75-percent “supertax” on top earners limps into its final weeks this month having sparked plenty of controversy but few economic results.


Hollande appears to be listening, and is pinning his hopes on a package of reforms to boost business activity — cutting public spending and red tape, opening up “protected” professions and relaxing rules on Sunday trading.

“Everything must be made easier,” he said in his New Year’s address. “It is necessary if we want to become more attractive, more modern, more flexible.”

But while the measures might strike foreign observers as small-fry, they will still face furious opposition from some members of his own party.


1314, 04 January 2015


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