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1729, 18 Dec 14

Walker Tells GOP Senators to Take a Pass on Right to Work


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker is telling Republican state senators he wants them focused on his agenda, not passing right-to-work legislation.

Walker spoke to senators during a caucus meeting in the Capitol on Wednesday.

Walker mentioned right-to-work briefly as he was outlining his priorities of cutting property taxes, consolidating state government and passing a school accountability bill. He says debating right-to-work early in the session would distract from what he wants the Legislature focused on.

For a governor presiding over a state that is lagging the national average in private sector growth while also signaling that he will likely deny the Kenosha casino, Walker needs to stop pushing back on right to work. Politically speaking, he will damage his presidential primary chances by pushing against agenda items that are strongly supported by the conservative base. Practically speaking, right to work will likely help improve Wisconsin’s economy and Walker’s obstructionism is hurting potential job growth.


1729, 18 December 2014


  1. Cindy K

    I hope Fitzgerald rolls Walker and pushes RTW anyway. His agenda. Right. And whatever happened to Voter ID?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    If this is what it means to be presidential candidate Walker….I don’t want to see presidential candidate Walker.

  3. Kay

    Gov. Walker realizes that RTW will not help him polically. He gains nothing by supporting it. Besides RTW another solution searching for a problem, like voter ID.

  4. scott

    It solves one problem: diminishing the power of an important source of funding for Democrats. But I’m sure that’s all just coincidence and it’s supporters are really just highly sensitive to preserving the precious right to work in a union shop without paying for the union serving you. :)

  5. Kenneth

    So you’re okay with people who may lean conservative being forced to pay dues which are funneled to a party that’s opposed to their views?

    Who is freeloading again?

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