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1721, 18 Dec 14

Brown County Board Rejects Sales Tax Referendum


The County Board voted Wednesday against holding an advisory referendum on creating a new sales tax when an existing Lambeau Field tax expires.

The board’s action followed a lively debate about whether the county needs additional revenue and whether voters would tolerate a new tax precisely when an old one is going away.

“I’d rather let people keep money in their pockets,” said County Supervisor John Vander Leest, who voted with the majority to block the referendum.

Supporters of the referendum argued that county facilities and programs are cash-starved, and that rejecting a sales tax only increases the likelihood of property tax increases instead.

Those officials said voters should be given the chance to voice their feelings on the issue at the ballot box.

Could we be about to see something as rare as a unicorn? Could we be about to see a tax that was passed as a temporary tax actually expire? Perhaps…


1721, 18 December 2014


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