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2119, 01 Dec 14

GSA Letter to West Bend Committee

I wrote a few days ago about the West Bend GSA complaining to the school district’s Human Growth and Development Advisory Committee about the lack of student representation on the committee. This was funny because there are actually already three student representatives on the committee, so the GSA’s complaint was completely baseless. A little homework on their part would have gone a long way…

Since then, a kind reader sent me a copy of the entire letter. Here is the full thing. Two things stuck out to me – besides their complete misfire about student representation. First, some of the things they are advocating be taught to high schoolers are more about teaching them how to have sex – not teaching them to be safe about it if they do. For example, explaining about lubrication, sex for pleasure, and a laundry list of different kinds of sex acts have little to do with keeping kids safe.

The second thing that caught my eye was the tone of the letter. It is haughty, accusatory, and insulting to opposing viewpoints. It looks exactly like it was written by some teenagers. While it would be fine for a first draft, I would have thought that the faculty adviser would have taken the opportunity to help them craft their concerns into an appropriate communication for a government committee. You know… one that would have the best chance of getting their concerns addressed. But no… instead it is a childish letter written about a very serious subject. It’s a shame, really. These kids missed out on an educational opportunity.


2119, 01 December 2014


  1. Mary

    They want this immorality taught to13 and14 year olds. The school board has the option of discontinuing the human growth and development curriculum altogether. Can you just imagine being a young girl or boy and being assaulted with this?

  2. Jesse Kremer

    I wonder, how many people are in this alliance trying to influence the majority with their loud and obnoxious minority opinions.

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