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2040, 30 Nov 14

Odd Google Results

I took a screen shot just to make sure I wasn’t going senile. Why does a picture of Scott Walker pop up if you Google that?




2040, 30 November 2014

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  1. Steve Austin

    It would appear to be he work of an MJS staffer in that paper’s ongoing war against Scott Walker. It looks like they embedded a photo link to Walker for google to pick up in the Google News subset.

    Again, if you are a Wisconsin conservative and you still subscribe to the MJS for either print or online, you are a sucker. As the downsizing has gotten out of hand, the best I can tell is the remaining 10-15 staffers only cover the Packers and trashing of Scott Walker. Please stop giving them money. They actively fight your (our) values. The sooner they go under the better.

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