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0652, 10 Nov 14

Duey Stroebel Running for State Senate

Heard today on Jay Weber’s show… Duey Stroebel has jumped into the race for state senate.

In the election on Tuesday, State Senator Glenn Grothman won in the 6th congressional district, thus vacating the state Senate seat in the 20th district. This will require a special election, but we don’t know when it will be yet.

The 20th is a very conservative district, so the Republican primary will be the race. Duey Stroebel is a solid conservative member of the Assembly who gave up his seat in a failed bid for the 6th Congressional seat. He ran a bit afoul during that primary in his attacks on other Republicans, but his record in the Assembly is unassailable conservative. He is a successful businessman who can self-fund a short special election race.

With Stroebel jumping in early, he is the immediate front-runner. This would normally ice out contenders, but given how rarely a seat goes open in this area, I suspect some others will throw in their hats.


0652, 10 November 2014

1 Comment

  1. Kevin scheunemann

    His ridiculous ripping on Glenn Grothman (for not being a conservative) aside, he would be a good state Senator.

    However, if there is someone with his credentials running as well, his Glenn Grothman ripping may come into play in my decision on who to vote for.

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