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2114, 09 Nov 14

RIP Annette Polly Williams


Williams, a Milwaukee Democrat, served in the Assembly for 30 years before announcing her retirement in 2010. Her backing for the school choice program was key to its creation in 1989, and the program has since grown to serve tens of thousands of children. Her support for the program, however, often put her at odds with her fellow Democrats.

“People were saying, ‘You’re in bed with conservatives.’ Well, no I wasn’t. I was just fighting to give parents — regardless of their economic status — the right to have some say-so about the education their children were receiving,” Williams told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2010, when she decided to retire.

Williams, whose 10th District had one of the highest percentages of African-Americans in the state, also established the African American Education Council, an organization designed to give black residents a voice in efforts to reform Milwaukee Public Schools.


2114, 09 November 2014

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  1. Kevin scheunemann

    Polly Williams is one of the few Democrats I would have voted for.

    I was priviliged to have met her at a rally for school choice vouchers.

    She was impressive in person, and her leadership taking on the public school establishment, who want to continue the failing MPS system, was impressive.

    Conservatives should honor her by making school vouchers statewide.

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