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2157, 29 Oct 14

More Confirmation That Burke Was Fired From Trek

Again… not shocking for anyone who knows how to spot red flags in resumes. It is just remarkable that after months and months of campaigning, the media is just now getting around to discovering this less than a week before the election.

Two former high-level executives of Trek Bicycle claim that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke was forced out as head of European operations for her family’s business 21 years ago — an allegation that Burke and the company denied, labeling it a last-minute smear campaign.

“I’m not saying she was incompetent,” said Tom Albers, former Trek chief operating officer who left the company in 1997. “Maybe this job was too big for her.”


Albers said in an interview Wednesday that he was sent to Europe by Richard Burke, the company founder and Mary Burke’s father, to look into problems with the European sales expansion that Mary Burke had been entrusted to head up in the early 1990s.

Albers said John Burke had concerns that his sister was not working out as the point person on the difficult job of switching from outside distributors of Trek bikes in Europe to a company sales force that spanned different countries, cultures and languages.

“I came back and pretty much reinforced what John Burke had told (Richard Burke) that this wasn’t working, and a change had to be made and a change was made,” Albers said. “I felt she was under water and it was going to be very difficult to turn it around.”


2157, 29 October 2014


  1. Steve Austin

    Yep. We all knew this was a mess from the start.

    How does someone with her supposed impeccable credentials need to spend $128,000 of her own money just to get a school board set in Madison? That always told me that even the Madison LIbs knew she was an airhead.

  2. steveegg

    Baghdad Bob is a more convincing liar than Mary Burke.

  3. foo

    Did you mean “More Confirmation Bias”????

    Well it did clear up a few things…

    Ellerman was considered incompetent and a poor performer by Trek and summarily fired.

    He will say or do anything for a political advantage for the GOP including pretending to be (oh the horror) a Democrat. What a good soldier:) I’m sure Fitz the Elder was grateful.

    See any red flags there Owen?

    Albers left, to make room (isn’t that a euphemism for pushed out) for the founder’s son to take over, Interestingly it was while Albers was President/CEO of Trek that Mary Burke was hired back in 1995. I wonder what he was thinking then???

    He has been a campaign contributor to GOP candidates including Walker and considers himself a conservative.

    6mil, its spelt “seat” not set.

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