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1945, 22 Oct 14

Obama to Campaign for Burke


President Obama heads to Milwaukee on Tuesday to campaign for Mary Burke, who is locked in a close contest with Republican incumbent Scott Walker for Wisconsin governor.

With Democrats all around the country running from Obama, Burke welcomes him with open arms. Why? Has she abandoned trying to win the undecideds and moderates and is focused on just turning out her base where Obama is still popular? Is she delusional in thinking that Obama is going to swing undecideds and moderates?



1945, 22 October 2014


  1. steveegg

    The goal isn’t to swing undesideds/moderates – Burke and Tate think they can win with just their base if they keep the undecideds/moderates home.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Will Burke admit she voted for Obama?

  3. Steve Austin

    Will MJS play up her $100k +\- contributions to Obama?

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