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1953, 10 Oct 14

Burke v. Walker: Round One

The first debate between Burke and Walker just wrapped up. I’ll have some comments later. Until then… go.

UPDATE: Overall… yawn. There were a couple of interesting moments, but most of the debate was pretty boring. The questions were predictably from the liberal talking points most of the time and the responses were largely right on script for both candidates. The most interesting moment was when each candidate was asked to talk about something good about their opponent. Walker went first and lauded Burke for her philanthropic work. Burke, despite having all of the time during Walker’s response to think, started with an “uh” and a long pause before giving a bland response about Walker’s work “in the community” including his work regarding domestic violence – directly contradicting one of her “war on women” campaign planks.


1953, 10 October 2014

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Votes changed by this debate: ZERO

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