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1716, 09 Oct 14

White House Lied about Prostitution Scandal

Does this really surprise anyone?

The growing recognition that the American public is routinely exposed to false and misleading statements from the White House, whether by the president or his aides, has recently prompted even mainstream journalists, among others, to question White House credibility.

According to the Post, the Secret Service told the White House specifically on Friday, April 20 that one of its staffers, a volunteer named Jonathan Dach, may have escorted a prostitute back to his hotel room in Colombia. Dach, whose father is a prominent Democratic donor, to this day denies the charge.

But White House Press Secretary Jay Carney falsely told reporters April 23, three days later, that there had not been any “specific allegations” against White House staffers:


1716, 09 October 2014


  1. Captain Ned

    One would think that those who hounded Nixon out of office would have learned the central lesson, i.e. the coverup is ALWAYS worse than the crime.

    So a 20-something connected kid took a prostitute back to his room in Cartagena, Columbia. When in Rome …

    Dad might have been pissed for a week or two but this was pretty much a non-event until the Administration decided they needed to lie about it to protect Dad’s feelings (and keep the money coming).

    Classic own goal.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    A Democrat administration practicing deceit and lies about sex…are we surprised that Democrats fail to provide any moral leadership at this point?

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