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2215, 09 Oct 14

Another Happ Plea for a Child Molester

Sheesh. Another one? Media Trackers is on the case.

Happ’s office originally charged Onasch with six felony counts including three counts of sexual assault of a child, one count of false imprisonment and two count of incest with a child. The combined charges carried a maximum penalty of 226 years of imprisonment.

The 13-year old victim told the court, “I feel so ugly and its [sic] hard to look at myself in the mirror…I live with guilt that I should have tried harder to stop it.”

But despite Onasch admitting to the crimes, Happ’s office cut a plea deal with him, dropping four of the six charges – including all three sexual assault of a child charges. The result was Onasch being charged with just two count of incest with a child, felonies in their own right, which carried a maximum sentence of a combined 80 years imprisonment.

But as Happ’s office has done in several other cases Media Trackers has analyzed, just a fraction of the maximum 80 years was asked for by prosecutors in the plea deal. The judge in the case went on to sentence Onasch to just one year in jail and 12 years probation, with Huber privileges for treatment.


2215, 09 October 2014

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The Democrat war on children and women! Soft on child molesters!

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