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2132, 01 Oct 14

Wisconsin Company Sued for Wellness Program


MILWAUKEE — The federal government is suing a Wisconsin company over its wellness program, saying the business cannot require employees to participate and punish those who don’t.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Wednesday that it had filed suit against Flambeau, Inc., a plastics manufacturer based in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

The EEOC says the company made the employee pay the full cost of his insurance premium after he failed to complete biometric testing and a health risk assessment.

While I would hate it, I don’t have a problem with making wellness programs a condition of employment. I also don’t think it should be illegal. It is also a useful tool to help control health insurance costs. I just don’t see why it is the federal government’s business to prohibit the practice.


2132, 01 October 2014


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