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1112, 13 Sep 14

Happ “Re-Victimizing a Woman”

State Senator Vukmir nails it.

“Politics is one thing, but in the Happ campaign’s desperate attempt to deflect from their ethical problems, they’re re-victimizing a woman who already failed to get justice when her abuser got a sweetheart deal with no jail time.

“Why on earth is Susan Happ’s office calling the victim to tell her to keep her mouth shut? I’m outraged they would bully this woman. I’ve never met the victim, but I know she deserves better. We all deserve better than Susan Happ. I’m calling on Susan Happ to address this issue directly instead of hiding behind her assistants or campaign staff. We deserve to hear from her about this disgusting episode.”

While Happ is running for higher office, this is not a political issue. It is an ethical one. And perhaps a criminal one.

District Attorney Susan Happ had an ongoing land deal with the alleged perpetrator. Her office sat without acting on felony charges for two years as he was sending her a check every month. That was not money for her campaign. It was money for her and her husband to buy a chunk of land from the Happ couple. After the land was paid off and the Happs had all of the money, her office downgraded the charge all the way to disorderly conduct. The guy who was accused of repeated sexual abuse of a woman was never tried for that crime. He didn’t spend a day in jail. He is not a registered sex offender.

Then, after the story broke, a woman from Happ’s office who is an overt liberal activist, called the victim and told her to keep her mouth shut. Happ’s office used the power and intimidation of that office to try to keep a sexual abuse victim silent to further Happ’s political ambitions.

Thank goodness that the victim in this case has the courage to speak out even after the attempt to bully her into silence – first by her abuser and second by Susan Happ’s office.


1112, 13 September 2014


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