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1641, 12 Sep 14

Wisconsin’s Voter ID Upheld By 7th Circuit


CHICAGO (AP) — A federal appeals court in Chicago reinstated Wisconsin’s voter photo identification law on Friday, just hours after three Republican-appointed judges heard arguments on reactivating the hotly debated law in time for the November election.

In a brief order, the three-judge panel in Chicago said, “The State of Wisconsin may, if it wishes (and if it is appropriate under rules of state law), enforce the photo ID requirement in this November’s elections. The appeals remain under advisement, and an opinion on the merits will issue in due course.”


1641, 12 September 2014


  1. Steve Austin

    I didn’t see this coming. Then again I didn’t see this law getting stalled out for almost three years either.

    The law was in effect for the February 2012 primaries and even the liberal town clerks all said it was no problem. Will a fall election be a lot more crowded? Obviously, but again I don’t see there being a big problem here.

    Everyone has an ID. And if you don’t, you’ve got almost 8 weeks to get one. Frankly this could benefit the Dems from the standpoint they’ve got to now go out and make sure their voters have ID. Good excuse to contact your voters.

    Glad Fitz stood tall on getting this tougher version enacted.

  2. Owen

    I agree. I also didn’t see this coming. I thought that Voter ID would eventually come to pass, but I thought for sure that we wouldn’t have it for this election.

  3. Steve Austin

    For those complaining this decision came too close to the election, they need to blame Lynn Adelman for purposely stalling out his decision at the district court level. Adelman let this case hang for months and months before rendering his decision. Presumably if the case was as easy as Adelman ultimately wrote, he could have decided it quickly.

    Adelman finished the case in his courtroom on November 15, 2013 and then held back his ruling until April 29, 2014. Was that decision date after the WI legislature had adjourned for the summer forcing Walker to call a special session if they needed to make fixes to the law? Why yes, yes it was after that date. Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

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