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0720, 12 Sep 14

Victim Files Complaint Against D.A. Happ

Good. It’s a scandal that this victim was likely denied justice because of Happ’s financial relationship with the perpetrator.

MADISON (WKOW) — The victim of a crime originally charged as a felony, child sex assault submitted an ethical complaint against attorney general candidate Susan Happ, stating Happ refused to consider relinquishing prosecution of the case, even though Happ had sold a home to the accused man.

“I did ask the prosecution/trial for the case to be moved to another jurisdiction or prosecuting office and was told by Happ’s constituents that is was not possible or happening,” the victim¬†writes in her grievance to the state office of lawyer regulation. 27 News is not identifying the woman because she is the victim of an alleged sex assault.

Happ – Jefferson County’s district attorney – signed the summons involved in the May 2013 charging of 36 year old Daniel Reynolds of Jefferson with two counts of felony, child sex assault, but the case was assigned to Assistant District Attorney Monica Hall.

In May 2012, property records show Reynolds submitted the final installment of a $180,000 payment to Happ and her husband, Laurence Rupprecht, for the purchase of their home.

In March 2014, Reynolds entered into a deferred prosecution agreement signed by Hall, reducing criminal charges to misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct, and requiring him to remain crime-free for a year, and pay for the victim’s therapy, or face the possibility of sex-crime charges being reinstated.

“I believe that Reynolds got off easy in this case due to his connection to Happ,” the victim writes in the grievance. “Reynolds who molested me got away with it.”


0720, 12 September 2014


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