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1943, 05 Sep 14

Obama Asks for $30 Million to Fight Ebola

This bothers me.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Friday sent Congress a request for $30 million to pay for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s efforts to help contain the Ebola outbreak in western Africa.

 The administration wants the money added to a spending bill to keep government agencies running until mid-December and comes on top of $58 million it requested above current levels to speed the production of promising drugs to fight the deadly disease.
What bothers me is that the federal government spends nearly $4 trillion per year. It is awash in spending despite not passing a budget in years. But whenever anything comes up, the Obama Administration is there with its hand out asking for more money. Just like when Obama asked Congress for more money for the immigration crisis, he’s asking for more money here. With all of the money in Washington, why is the CDC not already funded to fight disease outbreaks already? Is it poorly managed or is this just part of Obama’s continuing effort to increase spending wherever and whenever he can?

1943, 05 September 2014


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