Primary Election Tomorrow

There is a partisan primary election tomorrow. There are a few interesting races around the state, but there’s only one contested race on my ballot tomorrow. Three candidates are vying to be the Republican candidate for Washington County Clerk. Since there aren’t any Democrats running, the winner of the primary will be the new clerk.

There are three candidates running. Here’s a brief description from the Washington County Insider:


Aggie Pruner (AP) – 16 years experience as current Town Clerk for the Town of Barton. Experience as town clerk makes me credible candidate.






IMG_6325Ashley Reichert (AR) – mother of 3 and married six years. Husband is a veteran and they are supporters of Stars & Stripes Honor Flight. Work for county for 3 years and one year for Sheriff’s office. Started social media 6 months ago. Work with county administrator and other County Board Supervisors. I’d be a strong candidate for County Clerk.






Braedy Helmbrecht (BH) – Worked with the county for 18 years. Detail oriented. Believe in raising a family and family values and like to work with the community






You can also read their answers to questions at the same link.

I don’t have anything against any of the candidates. They all seem like decent people. Given the fact that the clerk position is mostly a position responsible for administering laws and not making them, I lean toward someone with experience. This is especially true since our election laws have been evolving and we need a steady hand during elections to make sure Washington County doesn’t become the subject of election night ridicule like Waukesha County.

For those reasons, I’ll be voting for Aggie Pruner. And, I mean… c’mon… “Aggie?” How could I not vote for her?