Boots & Sabers

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About Jed

Jed is a native of Tatum, Texas.

After graduating high school, he enrolled at Texas A&M.  Upon his arrival for the Corps of Cadets Freshman Orientation Week, he discovered there was a paperwork SNAFU, and he had not been assigned a unit or a room.  He was placed in the unit with the fewest freshmen (B-Battery, WHOOP!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!), and the only room without two freshmen already assigned (sorry, O, could have had a room to yourself…).  It was there that he met a scrawny (I know, right?!?) long-haired city slicker named Owen.

Owen and Jed roomed together for 4 years at A&M, where they not only shared a room, but similar views on politics, life, and class attendance.  But never a Freebirds burrito.  You don’t mess with another man’s Monster (so to speak).

After graduating from A&M, Jed was commissioned in the Air Force, where he served for 5 years as a Personnel Officer, earning decorations for his commendable proofreading and meritorious PowerPoint skills.

He then completed his law degree at Baylor, and reentered active duty as a JAG.  He still does God’s work to this day, shuffling thicker stacks of paper, and building PowerPoint briefings with nested transitions AND non-standard fonts.

Jed’s long term goal is to retire back to Texas and open an ice cream stand, cause who doesn’t love ice cream?!?  Am I right?

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